Our Desire

By the grace of God OSOL wills to be committed to the needs of the people of the Body of Christ in the day of Anti-Christ. For he wills to make war with us saints and in so doing is to prevail. But we wont be here so what’s the deal?
Wont we? In the book of Revelation as far along as after the Lamb has taken the 144 thousand away and the 3 witnesses have resurrected and left and the massive earthquake that dealt with Jerusalem and the new temple there and all that we find the call for “someone” to come out from “babylon” which is FALLEN. Now prophesy can be multiply fulfilled so all you eschatology buffs beware, if the Sanhedrin of Jesus day got it wrong are we any better? Does the taking of the 144 thousand mean rapture? Does the call to come out during the pouring of the vials mean the church is still here or there are still Elect needing to “get the message” ? Even so fish got to swim and birds go to fly and bills and taxes go to be paid and how will I eat or be clothed or (keep up with those unsaved Joneses) when old Anti Christ says “take my mark or no buying or selling for you!”???
If the church does indeed go through being cast our of the national system of buying and selling it will mean:
Christians are:
Jobless, no mark, no ability to pay, no background check, no employability.
Without work in short order they are:
In Florida at any rate we found it was illegal to live in a shelter WITHOUT Electric AND Water. (Now homeless who squat will tell you that one can get those amenities if one has an income and can get accounts to hook up said amenities to the “domicile” I am one who did just such a thing one year a while back)
How do you shop when you have no money???? Worse still you had a bank account with plenty of money and when the choice had to be made you couldn’t wipe out your accounts fast enough and worse still because the system has changed your cash is USELESS! (Consider the mom with a newborn! How does she manage to keep her health up enough to “make milk” for the child?) Consider the mom with small children she can’t feed?
Add to this the shock of betrayal of a decision putting one in such a horrible estate and that “Your Church” told you this wouldn’t be a problem!
Moreover you are an enemy. In a regime that wants your allegiance by taking a seemingly harmless mark to “live and thrive” in it but taking it would mean disloyalty to The Lamb, you are instantly NOT IN AGREEMENT or LOYAL to said regime. If we know anything about supressive governments we know that if you’re not for them you’re seen as being against them even if there isn’t a violent bone in your body, you are persona no grata… not wanted and a THREAT.
This is what can await us if what I have come to understand is correct. So what to do? How do we live in a day like that?
In a Bible Study we are discussing Dietrich Bonnhoeffer.  He was a pastor in Nazi Germany and wrote a book about Christian Community at that time.  I hope to talk about it on this blog if it is relevant.
To learn more about OSOL itself please go to our main site at OSOL.zxq.net

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