Leadership Roles

We as human beings have opinions and preconceived notions about how things should be. That’s no uncommon, it’s a part of being an individual. But when it comes to Christian Community preconceived notions tend to get in the way of the work of the Holy Spirit.

When we come to the “communion table” of Christian Community with our own preconceived notions based on our likes and dislikes we are moving in our flesh and not in the Holy Spirit. We may miss the reality of what the Spirit is doing or miss it when He moves on because we have begun to “fiddle” with His move. This too is not uncommon but can lead to disruption of the move and will of God.

What we have to learn is to walk in the Spirit and stay in tune with His plans. Often times He will employ means that test our convictions and ideals. Only those convictions and ideals that match His are kept as silver gold and precious gems. All else may well be viewed as wood hay and stubble. Often times He will test our walk in Him and level of His discernment in us by presenting His word and or answers to prayer in a package that tests our cultural upbringings or that challenges our personal history. Sometimes healing comes when we are placed well outside our comfort zone even to the point of reliving events that have majorly impacted us.

Our culture has a great impact on how we perceive God and His methodology for performing His will or delivering His Rema Word and even how we understand Scripture, His Logos Word. Jesus referred to the ingrained cultural rules that tended to “fence in” the Law as Traditions of men. When we depart from strictly walking without bias or expectation of how we think a thing ought to be or how we want things to occur in life but simply allow the Holy Spirit to express the will of the Father and the Word of Scripture in the manner He desires we hinder the work, frustrate the grace and sometimes miss the will of God and its blessing altogether.

In leadership roles it can also mean causing others to miss out on God’s grace as well.

Conversely, not knowing the Logos Word can open us up to listening to any old voice and being deceived.  If we let church culture or the culture and age of the world dictate our understanding and not get the Scripture into us then we are of utmost danger to the Body of Christ in general.  If we ground ourselves in the Word then we will have that “Word” as witness to compare Rhema Word of Prophetic utterance against.  If we spend time in the Personal Presence of the Living God and learn to listen to His voice, we are less likely to listen to other voices or at the very least we will know the difference.

In leadership roles it can mean the difference between blessing and catastrophe for others.  In ministering to others and “speaking into lives” it can be the difference between leading unto Truth or Error and Whoredoms.


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