Dutchey Foundation

There may be a problem presenting this one…

Google doesnt list Dutchey Foundation but it does list these and I invite the reader to use the links current as of 9/29/2012.

Dutch Foundation


They seem to be interested in conservation of the soft soil in their lands.

But then there is this.

Dutch Foundation for Academic Research into the History of Freemasonry in the Netherlands (OVN)

This group is looking for people not in FreeMasonry and is looking into Freemasonry in the Netherlands itself.

Freemasonry from a historical perspective Academic research into …

This is the way the link looks in Google.  This is a PDF

Now upon retyping this is 2016 I find articles about a Duchy “foundation” tied to none other than the current Prince of Whales (Charles)in his charitable foundation, and sales of an organic foods etc as a fund raiser for charities.

Owing as the Queen and many of the old moneied royal families all of which are allegedly kin to one another, have their hands quietly into this self same network of “players” one has to wonder where the Bonnie prince is ranked in all these little schemes. It is already rumored that the crown might just skip him and go instead to his number one son who is married with heirs. Things that make you think.


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