Christian Community

In his book Life Together, Dietrich Bonhoeffer demonstrated a radical new idea about Christian Community as the world plunged into World War Two.  Being as he was in Nazi Germany at the time when these ideas came to considered and put down for the book and being as he stood right or wrong to act against a government gone mad to be part and party to gathering information about what was happening in his homeland at the time, Dietrich paid a high price for his belief that when righteous men do nothing evil prevails.  First his freedom and finally his life.

At MCM’s Craighouse a study was done on this work.

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But to make it easier here are the actual program links.


Christian Community

Spiritual Divine Reality

Soulish vs Spiritual

A Day With Others Pt 1

A Day With Others Pt 2

A Day With Others Pt 3

A Day With Others Pt 4

Table Fellowship

The Day Alone

Fellowship with God (Andrew Murray)


The accompanying blogs came from that study as I took away what God showed me in it.


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