Thought Mind and Populace Control

Thought Mind and Populace Control

Consider the movies of the Bourne series.
The man is brought aboard the fishing boat with bullets in his back on a dark stormy night in the high seas and he comes to nearly kills the man trying to help him. The first movie continues with this man trying to piece together what has happened to him and … who he is. The man is helped by the stranger who is a love interest by movies end… and the discovery is he is an assassin. The next two movies involve the high level black ops agencies and the CIA trying to kill off the man. Why? Because he was a programmed soldier whose programming went south when he tried to kill a man in front is his children or grandchildren and he fails in his “mission” which result in his programming “breaking”. By the end of the last movie he has lost his girl to a fellow assassin. But goes back to where he was programmed from the beginning and tells them he is “Jason Bourne” no more. The CIA lady he helps to unmask the conspiracy of black ops to tells him his real name…..

People who were in occult and came out gloriously saved are considered nuts when they tell us that the covens served a higher group with more sinister aims. One such person was a high priest…John Todd

His is the unmasking of The Illuminati.There are others and they will speak here too.In looking for another program I discovered this fifteen episode series on YouTube that is supposed to be talking only about MK Ultra but actually does a better job of talking about the applied agenda that the Government has used against foreign nations in wartime and is using and plans to use against you the citizen in peacetime. Listed as Monarch and MK Ultra the individual presentations talk about so much more. After the World Wars When Axis and Allied nations separated into power groups under the Stalin and Lenin and Marxist Communism thought philosophies and government, we not liking the alternatives of possible infiltration by the “evil reds” began military programs to defend our soil and to assault our enemies on foreign soil. A whole bunch of new governmental agencies sprouted up like summer wheat. CIA, FBI, NSA, DOD, DOJ, and more ( today we add Homeland Security) they were put in pace so we could all sleep at night. They came into their own during the Eisenhower Administration. ( Eisenhower or Ike for short was also a military man whose tactics ensured the Japanese surrender and peace treaties after WW II. He signed off for a lot of stuff added his” ok” to even more and if you think the loyal civil servants were about to divulge their every plan to him you have another thing coming. But he knew something wasn’t quite right. This is what he had to say in his outgoing address.
Eisnehower’s full fairwell speech
Listen to his warnings. What did he suspect then that we know now?By the time of Kennedy our little security blanket had started to come into its own.
Kennedy was a rather odd duck himself and yet it is said that this speech is what got him killed.
Kennedy Secret Society Speech

The following are notes taken off the fifteen presentations. In the notes I did what I could to follow up on certain items so you could read more about it.
CIA: Monarch, and MKUltra Mind Control Programs its the first of fifteen.
It starts with the military Phoenix Program and evolves from there.
MK ULtra 1
The PHOENIX PROGRAM was instituted to destroy the Vietnamese people who were around the communist sympathizers. especially the children. It was supported by the White House and the CIA. 1500 people were supposed to be killed monthly. The leaders of this program were apparently ex bay of pigs Cubans. (Bay of pigs was the botched mission of the USA against Cuba. Kennedy never lived it down.) Now folks this was a war tactic used to ensure and safeguard our soldiers from their soldiers. There is ever more the constant “Charlie” lurking around gun in hand fully loaded and lethal waiting to kill you. The VC were rather ruthless after all. Like the Asiatic thought of old, perhaps like the Huns too they were harshly dealt with. But the “hunters” who went after the “bad men” were ruined by and large by this style of butchery. Imagine bringing back the ear of the dead to prove you killed it like some twisted trophy. Folks this was Vietnam. The testimony of one Vincent Okimato who according to wikipedia became a very prestigious judge. He was one of the ones who hunted down the people on the CIA’s lists. The operatives were the Phoenix people. Listen to what he says. The Mind war paper was written by General Michael Akino who became head of the church of set after serving under Anton LaVey Church of Satan. The use of microwaves or ionizing and non-ionizing techniques was developed for the war bu then the use of microwaves against those who opposed the Vietnam war was warranted because it was considered treason to oppose the war reflects a sudden shift in the mindset of the Government. According to this film the CIA still is running the Phoenix Program according to this person. Use of microwaves or ionizing and non-ionizing techniques that kill without leaving a trace are valued and highly sought to silence us the Americans.Terms like soft kill slow kill and silent kill refer to “the enemy” in situations just short of war. The thought of COUNTER INSURGENCE DOCTRINE which is now applied to the HOME FRONT (Homeland Security post 9/11) made it so that if you were perceived to be against the government you were committing treason and it was lawful to kill you. This could be called “Disappearing” people, today if you talk to the homeless you will find they are being removed from places they hang out because they aren’t wanted. It was discovered that if you can program people to be assassins you can use them to remove troublemakers from your midst. This is still the ideology today. But where does this originate from? I mean who dreamed all this up? Its roots are in the post WW II Manhattan Project.
MK Ultra 2
The Manhattan Project used the Trinity site for ground level explosions of an A bombs. Soldiers were put in field while they were being exploded the men in foxholes on site of above ground tests later called Atomic Soldiers who were purposefully placed in harms way to see what the effect would be on them and their equipment. Furthermore Plutonium injection testing was done in hospitals on civilians for 30 years most without consent or real knowledge of what was being done to them. Plutonium injections were given in local and military hospitals to see what the effects would be. Our governments agencies were looking for the cost in collateral damage. Later in high altitude atmospheric testing there were and still are the down-winders. The down-winders are those whose bodies are now infected with higher than normal trace amounts of nuclear component like plutonium. The down-winders are the citizens of the world. If only there were a lawyer for this one!

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